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Why Hire Us? Features of Our Reentry Permit Representation and Process.

In addition to our experience and expertise in handling many reentry permits over the years, we offer a smooth, easy and predictable reentry permit application process.     Below are some of the main features of our reentry permit representation offering.


Focused and Experienced

As you may be getting the sense from our website, we have done more than a few reentry permits. Our immigration attorneys have years of experience in obtaining expedited processing reentry permits. We have an immigration practice dedicated to reentry permits and our knowledge and experience of reentry permits is unparalleled.

Fast Document Turnaround and Filing Times

We recognize that most of our clients are in a hurry to file and/or depart the U.S. We offer prompt case initiation, document turnaround and filing service. In many cases, we are able to file within a 2-4 days of case initiation.

Email and Phone Support

Our immigration attorneys and other case managers are reachable via email and phone to answer any case questions or concerns. Talking to an immigration attorney is very easy. Questions or concerns will be addressed quickly. We will be immediately available for as long as your case is pending and until you receive your reentry permit. 

Reliable Courier Delivery

When we have to send documents to you, especially when the reentry permit is issued, we use the most reliable and fast delivery methods. Most of the time we are able to have FedEx hand-deliver the documents to you anywhere in the world.

Family and Corporate Discounts

While we believe our rates are a great value for the level of service and attention we provide, we also offer discounts for families applying for reentry permits together. Getting a reentry permit is not inexpensive, and we want to help large families or groups. Similarly, we offer corporate rates for frequent corporate clients.

Extra Benefits and Services

For every reentry permit client, we offer a number of additional and related benefits and services, often for no additional fee. For example, we can provide guidance on best ways to maintain U.S. permanent residency. We can analyze U.S. citizenship eligibility or provide other immigration legal services.

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